About Our company

Hydroteck Engineering Company

Established in the year 1991, Hydroteck is successfully positioned as one of the leading manufacturers of all types of special-purpose machines, industrial washers, hydraulic, pneumatic cylinders, and power packs. It is one of the most reliable & trusted brands, delivering a wide array of quality products backed with long, uninterrupted service in wide and varied industrial applications.

Our new generation special purpose machines incorporate a wide range of enhancements that make us better than ever before. We provide solutions for each step of the process, starting from the initial stages of die casting through final leak testing. Our products are designed and customized for optimal performance and to meet the most demanding user requirements.

Our Mission, Vision & Aspirations

Our solutions to atomization challenges are driven by our mission to manufacture advanced special-purpose machinery, and our vision to be the most desired and successful SPM and Industrial washing solution provider in the world. Our aspirations guide us on our journey and ensure that we are on the right track innovating new technologies and simplifying manufacturing.

Our Mission

Continuously improving our systems, with new inspirations everyday


Our mission is to be the worlds leading manufacturer of high-quality special-purpose machines & industrial washers, required for the automobile industries, foundries, and food industries.

We are committed to providing superior value and services to our customers.

Maintaining a good working environment by encouraging creative minds and innovative technologies, making your production efficient and easier.

Our technical team is always ready to create together the ideal solution for your needs, we are here to customize your requirements and deliver them with excellence.

Our Vision

To be the most desired and successful one stop SPM and Industrial washing solutions provider in the world

Our vision describes where we want to be in the future.

We always look a little bit further, discovering new technologies, improving our equipment, cleaning the most critical components, and creating more accessible systems.

Time has shown that Hydroteck systems continue to function reliably!

We have competitive products and services and it is with these and our team that we build long-term relations with our customers.

We will continue to combine technology, science, and mechanics to obtain maximum efficiency from our intelligent systems, integrated into your production environment.



Guiding us on our journey


Aspirations ensure that we are on the right track. Innovating something new each and every day, simultaneously and in the blink of an eye.

Our aspirations guide us on our journey of manufacturing versatile machinery for the automobile industry, from die-casting to final leak testing we manufacture efficient machines for vast applications according to your requirements.

Having customer satisfaction for each and every machine or product that we deliver. Redefining the aesthetics developing new systems, encouraging our team.

Core Values

Born to automate, we dare to design the future of automation.

  • Customer success - We truly understand our customers business.
  • Craftsmanship – With the best workmanship
  • Trust​ - We trust each other
  • Change - We are always innovating and creating new solutions.
  • Performance - You can assure yourself the best performance of our systems
  • Accessibility - The spirit of creating more and more accessible systems