Valve Hole Drilling Machine

Casting drilling with highest quality standards

This machine is designed to thrill in the segment of alloy wheel manufacturing plants. It is programmed for drilling valve holes on alloy wheels of sizes from 9” to 24” in a single system. These machines are easy and effective for mass production. The drilling of valve holes is now easy with Hydrotecks new-gen drilling machine. The operator must simply load the component and press two push buttons, everything else will be done by our intelligent drilling machine. You can easily set the parameters like the depth of cut on the HMI screen. Time has shown that Hydrotecks drilling machines continue to function reliably!


The ultimate all-in-one solution

These machines are designed for multiple alloy wheel components. With Hydrotecks intelligent drilling machines, quick changing of fixtures is possible, which optimises the production and gives maximum efficiency.

Technology Advancement

Our Marvellous machines are known among our customers for their high performance, low maintenance, durability, and robust construction. We continuously design and manufacture our products according to the market demand and developing trends.

Key features

  • Higher productivity
  • Consistency in performance
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Changeable fixtures
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long operational life