Low Pressure Die Casting Machines (LPDC)

With a rich legacy spanning over three decades, we stand as your trusted and proficient partner in the realm of foundry technology. Today, our company remains at the forefront of die casting innovation, boasting unrivalled expertise in quality, performance, and process intricacies.

Our LPDC (Low-Pressure Die Casting) machines, renowned for their robust construction and internal design, prioritize system safety with their absence of external piping. Leveraging the LPDC process, we consistently deliver castings of unparalleled metallurgical excellence, ensuring top-tier quality in every product.

Designed for steadfast and adaptable production, our die casting machines epitomize reliability and rigidity, catering to the diverse needs of casting operations. Part of the esteemed Hydrotecks LPDC series, our machines feature an array of supplementary accessories, including dust accumulation bellows, case-hardened rods, and a job catcher, among others, all meticulously integrated to enhance operational efficiency and precision.

Committed to fostering continuous organizational advancement, our company remains dedicated to eliminating non-value-adding processes within the industry, thereby driving perpetual enhancements in overall performance and productivity.

Low pressure machine range for simple as well as complex castings

The expansive platen dimensions and spacious furnace configuration of our machines facilitate the utilization of multiple cavities, rendering our system exceptionally versatile and adaptable to a multitude of production needs. Primarily employed within foundry industries, our machines serve as the cornerstone of the casting process, epitomizing a production method that employs pressure, rather than gravity, to effectively fill moulds with molten metal.

Engineered to deliver unparalleled performance, our machines ensure stable opening force and enhanced compatibility, thereby catering to the intricate demands of complex part production. By harnessing the power of pressure-driven technology, we guarantee precise and consistent results, empowering your operations with the capability to manufacture intricate and high-quality components with utmost efficiency and accuracy.

LPDC Process

Low-pressure die casting (LPDC) has become a prevalent practice in modern foundries, facilitating a controlled and gradual filling of the die with molten metal, thereby minimizing turbulence during the casting process. Widely adopted in various automotive applications, including the production of wheels, engine components, and diverse automobile accessories, LPDC offers a host of significant advantages.

A key benefit of this method lies in its ability to precisely regulate the filling of the die cavity, ensuring uniform and consistent results. By enabling the swift and smooth flow of molten metal through the designated feeding conduits, LPDC effectively mitigates the formation of oxides and prevents the occurrence of porosity, guaranteeing superior quality in the final product.

Furthermore, as the casting material solidifies under controlled pressure, it undergoes a crystallization process that results in the formation of a dense and robust structure. This unique attribute renders the castings exceptionally sturdy, making them an ideal choice for the manufacturing of components that demand exceptional strength and structural integrity. With its meticulous control and superior metallurgical properties, LPDC stands as a reliable and efficient method to produce high-quality, durable automotive parts.

The advantages of Hydrotecks LPDC Machines

  • High Accuracy: Our machines are engineered to deliver exceptional precision, ensuring the production of components with exacting specifications and impeccable dimensional accuracy.
  • High Purity Castings: Leveraging advanced technology and meticulous processes, our LPDC machines yield castings of exceptional purity, free from impurities and imperfections.
  • High Productivity: Designed for optimal efficiency, our machines enable high-volume production without compromising on quality, streamlining manufacturing processes and enhancing overall productivity.
  • Leakage-Free Operation: Our machines are meticulously crafted to ensure a secure and tight operational setup, eliminating the risk of leaks and ensuring seamless and uninterrupted production cycles.
  • Heavy-Duty Superstructures: Engineered with robust and durable superstructures, our machines are built to withstand heavy-duty usage, guaranteeing long-term reliability and consistent performance even under challenging operational conditions.
  • Easy Maintenance: We prioritize user-friendly maintenance protocols, ensuring that upkeep and servicing are streamlined and hassle-free, thereby minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.