Riser Cutting Machine for Tata Cover

Hydroteck builds the strongest and most precise riser-cutting machines. These machines are specially built for aluminium castings of different shapes and sizes. You just have to load the component and press two push buttons; the rest will be done by our intelligent bandsaw-type riser-cutting machine. With our systems, you can assure yourself by saving time and human errors.

A smart automation system is supplied for greater efficiency and controlled operation. These machines are built to suit your production environment by focusing on optimal results in reduced cycle times. We provide correct solutions and logistics that fit your requirements.


Maximum flexibility, custom-tailored to your needs

We have an extensive range of flexible and productive riser-cutting machines available in various sizes according to the customer's requirements. Our Marvellous machines are known to our clients for their high performance, low maintenance, durability, and sturdy construction. We continuously design and manufacture our products in response to market demand and evolving trends.


Crankcases, cylinder heads, covers, casting knots, housings, chassis components, and wide range of components.

Advantages of Hydrotecks intelligent sawing system

  • High cutting capacity
  • Easy changing of fixtures
  • Reliable cutting methods
  • High endurance of blades
  • Advanced chip guiding technology
  • Precise cutting
  • Low maintenance costs