Compact Tunnel Type Alloy Wheel Washer

This machine is a compact Alloy wheel washing machine. It cleans the swarf with high-pressurised water spray nozzles. This equipment has been designed to work in the automobile industry, Hydroteck is well known for customising their products and delivering them with excellence, in manufacturing plants used to work 24/7 with no stop.

The machine is robust and fully built-in Stainless Steel (SS 304). We design our systems thinking them to be easy to assemble, install and connect. Our design engineers are up for any type of challenge. We combine Technology, chemistry, and mechanics to obtain maximum efficiency.

Custom made Washer

This machine is designed and engineered for fewer spaces, this machine has only two chambers, the first is the washing chamber and the second one is the drying chamber. The system is integrated such that there will be no manpower required for the machine.

The advantages of a Hydrotecks Industrial Washer

  • Compact design
  • Innovation and craftsmanship
  • Reduced operating costs
  • High quality materials and technology
  • Easy to install