Riser Cutting Machine For Cylinder Head

Hydroteck has developed a system in which the cutting process can be carried out to the highest standards of quality and precision. This machine is built for efficient and smooth working, which cuts with ease and especially with due safety. The 710mm blade and robust shaft are the specialties of this machine.

This machine is designed to cut the risers of the cylinder head of different sizes. An intelligent automated system is used for a more efficient and controlled system. Once the component is loaded over the fixture, the rotary cylinders will clamp the casting, and the cutting operation will begin.


Keeping production in flow

These machines are designed and manufactured with special geometry by our experts taking into account aspects of optimal cutting results and casting flexibility. These are manufactured using top quality raw components with the best execution that makes our systems work uniformly while increasing production performance.

Stress-relieved structures

Hydrotecks welded structures our made tension free by stress relieving. Stress Relieving is the treatment of a metal or alloy by heating to a predetermined temperature below its lower transformation temperature followed by cooling in air. The primary purpose is to relieve stresses that have been absorbed by the metal from processes such as forming, straightening, machining, or rolling.

  • It relieves internal stresses without causing any colour change.
  • It returns the material to a strength level approximately equivalent to where it was before forming.
  • It increases the mechanical strength of the material.

Key Features

  • High endurance of blade
  • Advanced chip guiding technology
  • Well-equipped hydraulic power pack
  • Auto coolant flow system
  • Heavy duty cutter
  • Operator safety maintained