Decoring Machine T1 Series

The T1 Series of Hydroteck is a compact single-chamber double station decoring machine. This machine is specially designed to remove core sand from the casting components in a very effective way. This machine has a rigid construction in which two castings can be done at a time. The Decoring system is completely housed inside a soundproof booth. The air receiver tank is provided at the top side of the machine. The world-class German Technology of air actuators is used for optimum results in reduced cycle times. Due to the high-frequency vertical oscillation movement, the chipper hammers are dashed against the casting gate with high energy by which the core sand is removed from the component.

T1 Series

The T2 series consists of a single chamber. The chipping hammers and air bellows are customised as per the requirements of the component.


Hydrotecks decoring units are suitable for many complex castings, like crankcases, cylinder heads, chassis parts, pump casings, manifolds, compressor housing, brake callipers and a wide range of casting can be decored with the intelligent decoring systems designed and engineered by Hydroteck.

The advantages of Hydrotecks Decoring system

  • More efficient systems
  • Optimized results
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Low maintenance