Hydraulic Power Packs

Hydrotecks hydraulic power packs will provide you with all the power you need

Hydroteck builds the strongest and superior range of hydraulic power packs. In the last three decades, we have designed them to function in wide and varied applications. Hydrotecks standard and custom hydraulic power packs are up to the task. From simple motor pump units to multi-functional power pack assemblies, we can provide the finest solutions that fully meet your expectations of performance, quality and cost.

We are continuously improving our hydraulic power units and looking for the most effective way to integrate and implement our hydraulic systems that suit your production environment and lead to maximum efficiency that precisely meets your requirements in terms of flexibility, power, control and size.

A wide range of tank capacity, pressure range and flow rates tailored to your requirements

What is a hydraulic power pack?

In basic terms, a hydraulic power pack is a self-contained unit that consists mainly of a motor, a reservoir and a hydraulic pump. Using fluid to transmit power from one location to another, hydraulic power packs can generate massive amounts of power which can be used to drive hydraulic systems.

When heavy lifting or repeated directional force is required, hydraulic power packs offer the perfect solution, drawing their power from ratios of area and pressure as defined by Pascal’s law of physics.

Components of hydraulic power pack

  • Reservoir Tank: It is used to store adequate quantity of hydraulic oil required for the system.
  • Filter: It is used to separate out impurities from the oil.
  • Hydraulic Pump: It the device which increases the pressure of oil to the required value. It is driven by the prime mover.
  • Control Valves: As the name indicates, valves are provided to control pressure, direction and flow of oil.
  • Pressure Control Valves: It is provided to control the pressure of oil in the hydraulic system.
  • Direction Control Valves: It is provided to control the direction of oil in the hydraulic system.
  • Flow Control Valve: It is provided to control the flow of oil in the hydraulic system.

Accessories of hydraulic power pack

  • Pressure gauge: To measure the pressure of oil at various stages.
  • Seals and Gaskets: They are provided for leak proof joints.
  • Accumulator: A hydraulic accumulator is a pressure storage reservoir in which an incompressible hydraulic fluid is held under pressure that is applied by an external source of mechanical energy.
  • Heat Exchanger: Heat exchangers help remove heat from hydraulic power units, helping to maintain fluid viscosity and reduce wasted energy.
  • Flow Meter: Flow meters used to monitor flow readings in fluid power systems are essential to properly monitoring your process, diagnosing system errors, and ensuring pump performance.
  • Pressure Booster: Hydraulic boosters convert low-pressure shop air into hydraulic power at high pressure.
  • Temperature Gauge: The 4-digit LED display on the unit indicates the current oil temperature in the reservoir of the hydraulic power unit.
  • Level Gauge: Level gauge indicator is provided, to check the level of oil in the reservoir tank.

Hydraulic power pack units are used in a wide range of applications

Automobile Industries

Oil & Gas Industries

Casting & Forging Industries

Steel Plants

Mining Industries

Defence & Military Sector



Agricultural Processing Machinery

Dies & Moulds

Recycling Plants

Material Handling Equipment's

Advantages of working with Hydroteck

  • Customised according to your requirements.
  • One stop solution for all hydraulic related problems.
  • Designed thinking on them to be maintenance friendly.
  • Proportional / Servo hydraulics according to requirement and application.
  • Precise speed control
  • Reduced operating costs by advanced Technology.
  • All our systems are 100% hydraulic-pressure tested.
  • Designed for efficient and trouble-free working.

Let’s get started on your custom power pack design. Contact us to share the specifics of your application and get end-to-end support from our engineering team.