Sand Blasting Machine

The component sandblasting machine is designed and engineered for critical components. This machine executes the post-process of decoring. The sand which remains even after the decoring process is then blasted in this machine, with the help of advanced engineering and proper logistics. The sand blasting machine is a high-performance machine where the blasting nozzles are directed toward the critical cavities, optimising the production and certifying the product to be sand-free. We always focus on improving our equipment, cleaning the most critical components, creating more accessible systems, and cruising your production.


Post processing with highest quality standards

The component sandblasting machine can be also customised as per your catalogue of products. In Hydroteck we provide optimum solutions and are always looking for the best way to automate, integrate and implement our systems. When working with us you can assure yourself with efficient and trouble-free systems. Our systems are manufactured from the finest materials and equipped with solid components.

Innovative Engineering

Hydroteck has invented an intelligent system in which the post-processing of components can be done more efficiently in reduced cycle times. This machine optimises the process and gives you better results after decoring and makes the component 100 % sand free. We design our systems considering your problems and suggest the best way to automate, integrate and implement.

Key Features

  • Advanced sand guiding technology
  • Intelligent automation system
  • 100 % process efficient
  • Fixture replacement is easy and fast
  • Easy to install
  • Operator safety maintained