Riser Cutting Machines (RCM)

Casting finishing with highest quality standards

We are well-known manufacturers and providers of the best range of Riser cutting machines in India. These machines are customised and manufactured for use in the automotive industry to cut risers from casting components. The safe and advanced cutting technique is the specialty of Hydrotecks riser cutting machines.

With our intelligent riser cutting machines, you can assure yourself by saving time and human errors. A smart automation system is supplied for greater efficiency and controlled operation. These machines are built to suit your production environment by focusing on optimal results in reduced cycle times. We provide correct solutions and logistics that fit your requirements.


Technology Advancement

Our Marvellous machines are known to our clients for their high performance, low maintenance, durability and sturdy construction. We continuously design and manufacture our products in response to market demand and evolving trends.


Crankcases, cylinder heads, covers, casting knots, housings, chassis components, and numerous components.

Hydroteck provides different sawing possibilities for different castings

We will help you select the most appropriate solutions for your product. We can also provide a single machine with different fixtures to maximise your production of diverse castings.