Multi-Spindle Riser Cutting Machine

The multi-spindle riser cutting machine is designed to thrill in the segment of cutting machines. It has six cutters that can cut risers with great precision and allow us to cut more complex castings with proper calculations and geometries. The safe and sophisticated cutting technique is the specialty of this machine. At Hydroteck, we study the components and propose the best solutions to optimise the process and obtain the best results within reduced cycle times.


Intelligent design

This machine is specially designed for complex castings. The clever design and good knowledge of geometry allow us to offer you advanced logistics for your products. Hydroteck offers a comprehensive range of custom standard models.

Robust built-in quality

Our machines are made of the highest quality materials and equipped with solid components. We provide the right solutions that will respond to your needs. With our riser-cutting machines, you can ensure the best-designed systems.

The advantages of Hydrotecks cutting system

  • Reliable cutting methods
  • High endurance of blades
  • Advanced chip guiding technology
  • Precise cutting
  • Well-equipped hydraulic power pack
  • Auto coolant flow system