Mr. U. N. Naik is the Executive Chairman of Hydroteck. Some people have referred to him as the ”Master of Mechanics” Today Hydroteck is considered one of the most trusted names in the market. With an industrial experience of 30 years, he has worked in tandem to achieve success. He has a wide range of experience in engineering, finance, and marketing. His leadership has led to expansion and growth, under his knowledge and supervision company has witnessed tremendous success.

Today Hydroteck is a one-stop solution for all the SPMS, starting from the initial stages of die casting through final leak testing, we design and manufacture efficient systems that suit your catalog of requirements. 

Work Culture

Our design team, our projects department, our technicians, our seasoned fabricators, all our company has in the DNA, the spirit for creating a solution that fits like a glove on our customer needs.

Our people make up our strong culture rooted in the last three decades of history.  We are always looking for the most effective way to automate, integrate and implement new systems which suit your production environment and lead to maximum efficiency in reduced cycle times. Our design engineers are up for any type of challenge from Die-Casting to final leak testing we have all custom solutions for each step of the process. All the team members are extremely trained and experienced with past exposure in the automobile world. If you choose Hydroteck, you can assure yourself of the best service.