Bandsaw Type Riser Cutting Machine

Hydroteck manufactures a comprehensive range of high-quality metal cutting band saws with features and construction that ensure accurate cutting, ease of use, and long service life. These machines are specifically designed for cutting gates and risers from die-casting metal products with greater speed and safety. They are tested under various parameters to ensure their excellent performance. These are manufactured using premium raw components with the best workmanship, which makes our systems work consistently while increasing production performance.



Crankcases, cylinder heads, covers, casting knots, housings, chassis components, and numerous components.

Custom-built solutions

We at Hydroteck are engaged in designing and manufacturing special-purpose band saw machines required for your dedicated applications and high production rates with consistent quality. We are always looking for the most efficient means of automating, integrating, and implementing a sawing system. All these machines are developed and built within our facility from construction to control Technology, giving us the flexibility to meet your requirements.

Key features at one glance

  • High cutting capacity
  • Easy changing of fixtures
  • Reliable cutting methods
  • High endurance of blades
  • Advanced chip guiding technology
  • Precise cutting