Double Station Decoring Machine T2 Series

The T2 Series of Hydroteck is a next-gen Decoring machine, specially designed to remove core sand from the casting components in a very effective way. With a robust design, this is a high-performance machine used for large-scale production. The world-class German Technology of air actuators is used for optimum results in reduced cycle times.

Due to a high-frequency vertical oscillation movement, the multi-chipper hammers are dashed against the casting gate with high energy by which the core sand is removed from the component. Hydroteck Decoring systems are built to work efficiently and reliably. The machine is provided with separate sand collecting trolley. We design our systems thinking on them to be easy to assemble, install and connect. You can assure yourself of a long-life trouble-free Decoring system.

T2 Series

The T2 series consists of two chambers. The chipping hammers and air bellows can be customised as per requirements, both stations can be operated individually one after another as per the production requirement.

Low Noise Level

Efficiency and flexibility are of utmost importance for Hydrotecks Decoring machines. We are constantly functioning to make our systems soundproof keeping in mind a very low noise level that is pleasant for the operator. We study your requirement and give optimum solutions in which the sound is no more than 85 DB. We use proper solutions to maintain the noise level which is why our systems are eco-friendly, thanks to Hydrotecks intelligent decoring systems.

Key Features

  • Increased process efficiency
  • Highly flexible
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Automated and integrated
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Easy to operate