Vertical Gravity Die Casting Machine

This machine is a vertical gravity die casting machine; with a robust structure, this machine can work efficiently. The machine is robust and fully built-in mild steel. Our experienced professionals are engaged in the manufacturing of the GDC machines. In the last three decades, we have built many GDC Machines. We customise the machines according to customer requirements. Hydroteck is a renowned company for a qualitative series of Vertical Gravity Die Casting Machines.

Leading by experience

These systems are manufactured with established craftsmanship. Our systems are fully automated solutions tailored to suit your production needs. Quality is our priority and we use the highest quality material grades for manufacturing any system.

Key features

  • Robust design and construction
  • Optimized production
  • Smart solutions
  • Easy maintenance
  • Highest quality die casting machines
  • All hydraulic parts are as per ISO standards