Industrial Washers

Hydroteck was established in 1991. Since then Hydroteck has been refining its R & D technology for various finishing machines as thinking it important to pursue a motto of "Efficiency leads to Sustainability", and currently it establishes a reputation for a leading maker providing an abundant product lineup by the washing industry mainly in India. The company has extensive experience cleaning various automobile industry production parts. It excels in all areas of performance and operation.

We offer a complete line of standard models. These models provide the customers with a wide choice as standard. However, these machines can be expanded to include items such as a blow-drying system. This allows us to quickly and efficiently provide you with a solution that meets your requirements. We also develop tailor-made industrial washing machines customised to suit your production environment.


Cleaning the most critical components

The Hydroteck industrial washers remove grease, oil, and swarf completely. We always look a little bit further in regards to improving our equipment, cleaning the most critical components, and creating more accessible systems. Our design engineers are up for any challenge, and we combine technology, chemistry, and mechanics to obtain maximum efficiency.


  • Innovation and craftsmanship
  • Custom-made solutions
  • Our own technical Inventions
  • High-quality materials and Technology
  • Energy-efficient and durable
  • Flexible and customer-oriented
  • Low maintenance
  • Parts available separately
  • Long service life

Our Team

We are always looking for the most effective way to automate, integrate and implement new systems which suit your production environment and lead to maximum efficiency in reduced cycle times. Building a successful team is about more than finding a group of people with the right mix of professional skills.

Our design engineers are up for any type of challenge from Die Casting to final leak testing we have all custom solutions for each step of the process. All the team members are extremely trained and experienced with past exposure in the automobile world. If you choose Hydroteck, you can assure yourself of the best service. The leaders of the company play a far more hands-on role to make sure the group works well together and remains focused on the right priorities.