Dry Cum Wet Leak Testing Machine S Series

The S series leak testing machine is a single-station leak testing machine that is customised for carrying out both dry and wet leak testing operations in a single system. We are engaged in manufacturing leak testing machines which are widely used in diversified industrial sectors for identifying leaks.

These machines have integrated leak testing technology. We combine Technology, testing, and mechanics to obtain maximum efficiency. The system management is governed by a powerful and fast PLC that controls the testing sequence.

Overview of the system

These types of machines are generally used to detect the actual position of leaks underwater.

It is an automatic function that after each & every not-ok component it will take the component inside the water & fill the air for visual inspection of the leak.

Reducing cycle time

As the machine can take the component inside the water automatically, it reduces cycle time and optimises production. The tailor-made solutions are based on our standard modules and their proven Technology, built to work 24/7 with no stop.