Dry Leak Testing Machine

We in Hydroteck design and develop a wide range of leak testing machines that have the ability to test micro leakages with utmost accuracy with the pressure drop method, exclusively used for standard leak test instruments with specially designed fixtures and sealing mechanisms, this dry leak testing machine is manufactured using premium quality components and innovative Technology. Our machines are widely trusted as it gives accurate results and certifies the product to be leakage-free.

The ultimate all-in-one solution

These machines are designed for multiple components. With Hydrotecks intelligent leak testing machines, quick changing of fixtures is possible, which optimises production and gives maximum efficiency. These machines are manufactured by our seasoned professionals with utmost accuracy to work 24/7 with no stop.

Reducing cycle time

Reduction of cycle time with a fast-filing facility. In today’s world every second counts, while leading toward the glorious future of automation all our systems are made thinking of reduced cycle times, and with a robust design and intelligent concept, these machines are the need of today's automobile world.

The advantages of Hydrotecks Leak testing system

  • Unique design
  • Compact & easily accessible
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy operational feasibility
  • Precisely engineered
  • Easy changing of fixtures