Indexing Type Washing Machine

Hydroteck engineers have developed a system to spin components based on the centrifugal effect, which brings excellent washing and drying results. The indexing type washing machines are compact solutions for washing automobile components. This machine is specially designed for drying and washing of components simultaneously, which reduces the cycle time and optimises the process. They are ideal to be installed in reduced spaces, optimising space and consumption. With a renewed design, we have provided indexing series with great accessibility.

Keeping the production in flow

Component washing is done in 3 chambers:

  • Pre-wash chamber
  • Finish wash/Air purging chamber
  • Drying Chamber

All three chambers are divided at 120° which saves the cycle time and increases the efficiency.

Efficient systems with 120° chambers and 360° warong>

Our machines follow the state of the art systems. The centrifugal effect makes the system efficient and the loading and unloading gets easy, the job turns around its axis as well while getting washed which gives us proper 360° cleaning and washes oil, swarf, in the most complex cavities. Cleaning begins with the pre-wash chamber in which the job is washed and cleared from the swarf, in the second chamber there are high-pressure nozzles that wash the component thoroughly, the last chamber is the drying chamber and then the machine is ready for the next cycle.

The advantages of Hydrotecks Industrial Washer

  • Compact design
  • High productivity
  • Effective cleaning
  • Our own technical innovations
  • High quality materials and technology
  • 360° washing