Hydraulic Press Machines

Hydrotecks hydraulic presses are custom-built to provide outstanding precision and reliable operation for a variety of applications in automotive industries, research centres, supervision, and inspection agencies. These are engineered with performance and maintenance in mind, our fluid management systems have limited piping, faster flow rates, and quicker response times.

We supply the strongest and most accurate press in the market. Our seasoned professionals manufacture these with the highest quality raw materials. Be it 10 or 300 Tons, we design custom hydraulic presses according to your application and requirements.


Hydrotecks hydro Technology

An appropriate combination of motors and hydraulics to adapt to your workload. The working pressure of the machines and the sliding speed range can be adjusted according to the demands of the process. Our smart systems are integrated into your production line designed to operate 24/7 without interruption.

Additional accessories with the system

These systems come with accessories depending on the needs of the user. Press force surveillance devices may also be added. Force, torque, velocity, load, and displacement graphs can be easily monitored for better performance. Thanks to Hydrotecks press systems, it is now possible to record, print and visualise the process and determine the parameters.

Safety and Interlocks

You can assure yourself of the safest systems when you are selecting Hydrotecks press machines. These systems are integrated into your production plants with safety light curtains and alarm indications for any device divergent behaviour.

How Does a Hydraulic Press Work?

A hydraulic press works on the principle of Pascal’s law, which states that when pressure is applied to a confined fluid, the pressure change occurs throughout the entire fluid. Within the hydraulic press, there is a piston that works as a pump, that provides a modest mechanical force to a small area of the sample. There is also a piston with a larger area, which produces a larger mechanical force.


Hydroteck develops efficient systems using hydraulic press technology for the applications like folding and forming applications, sealing components, brake pads, insert moulding, electrical connectors, and insulators, heavy bearing pressing, armature pressing, and military equipment testing.