Decoring Machines

Hydroteck is recognised as the expert in the decoring industry, we have developed decoring systems focusing on both simple and complex solutions. These systems are well-engineered with cutting-edge Technology. These machines are specially designed to remove core sand from the casting components. The sand core is broken by impact energy, due to a high-frequency vertical oscillation movement.

The multi-chipper hammers are dashed against the casting wall with high energy by which the core sand is removed from the component, air bellows are provided for effective decoring of the castings. These systems are housed inside a soundproof booth, the sound is no more than 85 DB. These Machines are manufactured according to your production environment, focusing on optimum results in reduced cycle times.


The series of machines that we offer:

  • Rotary Decoring Machines
  • Single Station Decoring Machines
  • Double Station Decoring Machines
  • Automated Decoring Cells
  • Manual Oscillation Decoring Machines


Hydrotecks decoring units are suitable for many complex castings, like crankcases, cylinder heads, chassis parts, pump casings, manifolds, compressor housing, and brake callipers. A wide range of casting can be decored with intelligent decoring systems designed and engineered by Hydroteck.

Key features

  • Increased process efficiency
  • Highly flexible
  • Integrated sand guiding technology
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Automated and integrated
  • Reduced cycle times

Our team

We here at Hydroteck carry out proper analysis on the components and give the best solution which optimises the process and gives the best results in reduced cycle times. Our team is continuously working on the decoring systems, we are continuously improving our systems and looking for the most effective way to automate, integrate and implement a Decoring system.