Milling SPM

Casting pre-machining with economical and intelligent concept

The milling SPM is specifically designed for pre-machining all types of compressor housings. This machine consists of a cutter that rotates around the spindle axis and removes excess material very efficiently. The milling SPM is a Hydrotecks tailor-built solution designed to thrill in the segment of high production of compressor housings.

The compressor housing used to take 3 minutes on the CNC lathe for the rough operation of one component, after the invention of Hydrotecks new-gen milling SPM, it takes only 1.5 minutes for two casting components. This machine is provided with two stations, which means two castings can be done at a time. Our seasoned professionals in Hydroteck design the offered machine by making use of excellent-grade components and advanced techniques at our well-equipped manufacturing plant.


Complete new development, technique and design

Hydroteck invented an intelligent system in which the pre-machining of compressor housings can be done more efficiently in reduced cycle times. This machine maximises production and gives you better results than ever before. We design our systems considering your problems and suggest the best way to automate, integrate and implement.


These machines are fully automated and highly valued by our customers. This machine is a complete solution if you are looking to save time and maximise your production. With this system, we assure you of the lowest operational cost and reduced maintenance. These systems are easy to install and connect.

Key Features

  • High efficiency
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Advanced cutting technology
  • Auto chip conveyor
  • Controlled feeding system
  • Internal lubricating system