Decoring Machine X Series

The X series system simplifies and makes decoring more efficient through the oscillation action of hammering and high-frequency vibration. This design of the decoring machine offers several possibilities for adjustments that make it flexible and easy to operate. The X series of Decoring machines are manufactured for multiple types of castings in a single system. We have made a system that enables the movement of the chipper hammer in the X-Axis. Due to this settable Technology, multiple casting can be decored effectively. Taking customisation to an upgraded level this machine is completely flexible and simple to integrate within existing production lines. More complex casting can be done with this system with proper calculations and geometries.

X series

The X series consists of 6 air bellows which operate at a time this machine is specifically designed for larger components to achieve maximum decoring results. The combination of hammering and high-frequency bellows completes the process and cruises the production.

Maximum flexibility, custom-tailored to your needs

Hydrotecks X series decoring system is highly flexible, different types of castings can be done in a single machine. The world-class German Technology of air actuators is used for optimum results in reduced cycle times. A sand-air mixture is formed which is carried out of the casting due to the high-frequency oscillation movement.

Technology Advancement

Efficiency and flexibility are of utmost importance of Hydrotecks decoring units. We are constantly functioning to make our systems more efficient and achieve maximum results in reduced cycle times. We study your component and give the optimum solutions to remove sand from the most critical cavities.


These machines are designed and manufactured with particular geometries by our experts keeping in mind the aspects of high robustness and high casting flexibility. These are manufactured using premium raw components with the best workmanship which makes our decoring systems work consistently while increasing production performance.


Hydrotecks decoring units are suitable for many complex castings, cylinder heads, pump casings, manifolds, compressor housing, and many more among others.