Riser Cutting Machine For Pump Housing

Hydroteck is recognised as the expert in the metal cutting industry, we have developed cutting systems focusing on both simple and complex castings. This machine is specially designed for cutting risers from the casting components. It has a rigid construction in which two castings can be cut at a time, reducing the cycle time and optimising the process.

This machine is also easy to use and away from any complexity. The operator must simply load the components and press two push buttons, everything else will be done by our intelligent cutting machine. Hydroteck ensures its effectiveness in the work and functionality that meets the highest quality standards.


Intelligent casting finishing

We always keep in mind the geometry of cutting components, our machines are built to thrill in the segment of finishing components, we design and build riser cutting machines, according to your specific requirements that can be integrated into your production environment.

High performance

This machine is a complete solution if you are looking to save time and maximise your production. With this system, we assure you of the lowest costs of operation, maintenance, and long trouble-free working.

Key Features

  • Easy changing of fixtures
  • Reliable cutting methods
  • High endurance of blade
  • Advanced chip guiding technology
  • Well-equipped hydraulic power pack
  • Auto coolant flow system