Roller Conveyor Type Washing Machine

This is a conveyor-type washing machine. All these machines are developed and built in our facility from construction to control Technology, giving us the flexibility needed to meet your needs. This is a high-performance machine. You can assure yourself of a long-life trouble-free washing system. Hydrotecks industrial washer removes all grease, oil, and swarf.

Robust built-in quality

We are conscious of the present need of the generartin in manufacturing industries. Our washing machines are manufactured from the finest materials and equipped with solid components. We provide the correct solutions which will suit your requirement. We always keep in mind the science of washing components, our machines are fully automated as well as semi-automated, we design and build washing machines, according to your specific needs that can be integrated into your production environment.

The advantages of Hydrotecks Industrial Washer

  • Robust design
  • Effective cleaning
  • Innovation and craftsmanship
  • Reduced operating costs
  • High quality materials and technology