Conveyor Type Dry Cum Wet Leak Testing Machine

This is a flexible and fully automated machine. These machines are employed with a conveyor, which offers steady flow materials with no human interference, hence, reducing the cycle times and eliminating human errors. These machines have integrated leak testing technology. We ensure their efficiency in working and functionality which matches the highest quality standards. At Hydroteck You can assure yourself of a long-life trouble-free leak-testing system.

Keeping production in flow

Our leak testing machines offers fast leak testing of components and keeps the production in flow. The tailor-made solutions are based on our standard modules and their proven Technology, built to work 24/7 with no stop.

The ultimate all-in-one solution

These machines are designed for mass production, with Hydrotecks intelligent leak testing machines, quick changing of fixtures is possible, which optimises production and gives maximum efficiency.


Our seasoned professionals design the offered machine by making use of excellent-grade components and advanced techniques at our well-equipped manufacturing plant.

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