Single Conveyor Tunnel Type Washing Machine

Introducing our cutting-edge alloy wheel washing machine, meticulously crafted for comprehensive washing operations across diverse alloy wheel components. Our comprehensive range of standard models ensures a broad spectrum of choices, enabling us to swiftly and effectively deliver tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, we specialize in crafting bespoke industrial washing machines, meticulously tailored to harmonize with your unique production environment. Crafted entirely from premium-grade stainless steel (SS 304), our machine boasts exceptional durability and longevity, ensuring robust performance even in the most demanding industrial settings. Leveraging advanced cleaning methodologies, our system achieves rapid and thorough cleaning of alloy wheels from all angles, guaranteeing immaculate results with every use. Engineered to dominate the industrial washers segment, our machine is engineered to deliver unparalleled efficiency and performance.

single-conveyor-tunnel-type-washing machine

Standard operating procedure

  • Pre-Washing Process (Station 1): The initial stage involves a thorough pre-washing process, ensuring the removal of surface impurities and contaminants from the alloy wheel component.
  • Finish Wash (Station 2): At this stage, our well-designed nozzle assembly meticulously cleans the component from all angles, guaranteeing a pristine finish wash.
  • Air Purging Process (Station 3): The third station employs an air purging process where the component undergoes exposure to atmospheric air, facilitated by integrated blowers. Notably, our system operates independently, without relying on any compressed air from your plant.
  • Hot Air Blowers (Station 4): In the final stage, the component is subjected to ambient temperature through the utilization of our efficient hot air blowers. This step prepares the component for seamless transition to the helium leak testing machine.

Keeping the production in flow

Continuously striving for heightened production standards and increased output, we have integrated conveyors into our cutting-edge cleaning systems to fully automate the washing process, eliminating the need for manual labour. This streamlined automation not only ensures maximum operational efficiency but also significantly reduces overall operating costs.

Automation, Integration, and Implementation

Elevating efficiency stands as a pivotal goal within our mission. We consistently pursue the most optimal means of automating, integrating, and deploying advanced washing systems. Our adept team of engineers conducts comprehensive assessments of space constraints and specific operational needs, ensuring the delivery of tailored solutions that seamlessly align with your unique production environment. At Hydroteck, our skilled design engineers ardently embrace every challenge with unwavering expertise and commitment.